I've tried to discover...a little something to make me sweeter

It's been a hell couple of weeks. Minus my meds and plus the hormones, I'm a nutball extraordinaire. I had to leave the breakroom at work because they were playing "Armageddon" (which is a cheesy piece of shite and I HATE Ben Affleck) but at the pivotal scene where Bruce Willis shoves young dude into the airlock and is going to die himself....waterworks. I have seen bits of this movie a million times. I don't even like the movie...but damn.

It's also been a tough time in the marriage. Without going into details, it's been exhausting. Tom still is not working and Dish has changed the health insurance. Now, I have a 2,500 deductible before ANY service, prescription, anything is covered. I still get to pay close to $200 a month for the privilege of the "coverage" of course. So I am looking at putting out an insane amount of money before the bean is born. I am not sure how we are going to do it if Tom doesn't get SOMETHING...ANYTHING soon. I don't want to be the harpie wife but seriously, I wish he was working at Taco Bell at this point.

I can't believe it's Monday again already. Weekends are not long enough. There is a blackout on taking time off for the next 2 weeks because of our price increase -- which means angry people. That's another thing I am having a really hard time with. Every time I get on a supervisor call and I have to have someone calling me a dumb whore or bitch it just tears at my soul. It's TV people. Gimme a break, I'm an expectant mommy without her Prozac and you are going to make me cry. It's hell on earth. Every.single.day. It's a good thing I do not have my chosen mutant power of being able to set people on fire with my mind. There would be a lot of fried folks. My self control is pretty low at the moment.

I would love at some point to be able to talk to someone who treats customer service people like trash and ask them why they feel so entitled. I understand frustration, seriously, I'm a consumer too. Never have I ever cussed at another human being on the phone. I have never called anyone a dumb bitch, or a whore or cunt or anything else. Ever. If my service was ever shut off because I didn't pay the bill, I would take responsibility for the fact I didn't pay it. I don't call my cell phone company and demand free phones. I realize I got a free phone when I started and if I want something with more bells and whistles, I have to pay for it. Why don't Dish customers get it? Why are they nasty and degrading? I would LOVE to hear someone's justification for that -- or hell...why they think calling me a dumb bitch would make me want to help them more?

I have been threatened with physical violence. Over television. Seriously. A customer told me flat out he was going to fly out to beat my ass. Me. 5'1" me who is no closer to the CEO that the guy who waxes the floor. Guess what? They hire people like US to take your phone calls because they don't have to. Get over it. You are not anymore important than the 600000 other people who call every day thinking they are going to talk to the president of the company. They pay us piss ants to talk to you piss ants. They don't care about you. At all. I wouldn't either if I didn't have to hear it day after day after day. I work in a department where the agents are SURPRISED to talk to someone polite. Get it?

Ugh OK I didn't mean to go off on quite such the Dish rant. I'm just dreading going into work tomorrow to the same old thing.

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