hit me baby one more time

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Someone needs to help this little girl. She is freaking out and probably on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I am not a fan of her music and I think she's got some serious growing up to do to be a mom to her two kids but it's obvious she is not handling any of this well.

Had she not spent a DAY in rehab and been out drinking every night ridiculously for several months -- I would say maybe she's thinking "Screw You! Stare at this!" Sadly, I don't think she's that sound of mind. Seeing this story the last 2 days has made me sad for her, and more so, her little boys. Where the hell is her mom?

Someone needs to get her to a secluded house, rehab center, ashram, whatever and let her be alone with some serious counseling. If not, I see another premature celebrity death.


This and That said...

The saddest thing for her is that after the divorce everyone looked at the last hubby K-Fed as the fuck up and her as being brought down by him. And yet, now within a matter of 3 months she has managed to make K-Fed look like the sound and responsible parent of the 2. I think she had some major postpartum depression mixed with drugs and alcohol. And isn't she only around 25 now? Very sad.

(But honestly, I like the bald look....goes along with the whole bisexual vibe she has manufactured)

This and That said...

check out the site www.TMZ.com. when in need of a gossip/truth fix. According to them, she checked herself out of rehab again today. This girl is going to self destruct.

merf said...

yeah she totally is going to implode. I feel most sorry for her kids. And how scary is it to make K-Fed look stable? Bleh.

Agreed on the bald look. Course I have always thought women with shorter hair were much more striking than the run-of-the-mill long hair types. (no offense to anyone with long hair)