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Woke up this morning completely freaked out from a horrible nightmare where I was in a room or a shelter of some kind and they were passing out dead babies wrapped in little blankets. I called in to work I was so worked up and anxious. Lame I know.

But...I went to the doctor and things are looking good!! I got to hear the heartbeat of the bean and it made me cry. Nice steady and strong. Got to see it swimming around -- so much so we had to wait to capture the heartbeat over the shushing sound. Best Valentine ever. I go back in 2 weeks and they will take blood to start checking for chromosomal problems and in 10 more weeks; we will be able to discover the gender. Woo Hoo! I am very excited about that. It was a great afternoon.

I was going to type some more but I admit it, I'm beat and I do have to work tomorrow.

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This and That said...

With my daughter I was considered "advanced maternal age" so I got to have all these crazy ultrasounds and 3D imaging at some special perinatal place. never did the amnio because all the tests were fine, but in my 12th week (which is really early), the doc told me he was 99% sure it was a girl based upon the way something was pointing when he looked at the image. Crazy! I also kind of knew it was a girl because it was absolutely different cravings/distastes than with my son. (another wives tale with the sex is that girls heartbeats are generally faster..140 or above per minute). best of luck. Make sure and get lots of sleep while you can.