Video Killed the Radio Star

Are they any other 80's-type kiddos who are grown up and horrified at the number of 80's tunes that are showing up in commercials? It's starting to make me feel like a baby-boomer.

WENDY'S is using Blister in the Sun by the Violent Femmes to advertise their fish sandwich! Fish sandwich? Are you kidding me? Yuck. I saw the Violent Femmes open for the Pixies last summer. If I thought they needed rent money I wish they had put out a tip-jar. I would have thrown in 5 bucks to NOT see a commercial with their song in it.

A cover of Melt with You is the background for a car commercial. Well, a cross-over GMC vehicle. I think they came up with the word "cross-over" to hopefully avoid having eggs thrown at another gas-guzzling SUV by the members of Greenpeace. I could be wrong.

There have been others which I cannot remember at the moment but dammit, I am not really ready to be target-marketed with songs of my youth.


Ted said...

I hear ya'

Madness "Our House" to sell Maxwell House Coffee...

The Cure "Friday I'm in Love" to sell some video game.

Human League "Don't You Want Me" to sell Chips Ahoy cookies.

Squeeze "Tempted" to sell beer.

And of course, constant usage of The Postal Service in commercials (who are like the greatest 80's band to ever come from the 21st Century)

But yeah, nothing shocked me so much as the Violent Femmes thing.

We are OLD OLD OLD...

merf said...

I love The Postal Service. I noticed San Plain (sp?) por Moi, which is a little weirdo 80s tune in the new Pepsi commercial, and the song I don't actually know the title of in the M and M's commercial.

I had forgotten the Chips Ahoy commercial. Ugh.

I can sorta deal with the old part, it's the target marketing I'm not quite ready for. I suppose next it's the Stone Roses for retirement planning eh? (made you shudder didn't I?)

caffeinator_x said...

If it's the M&M commercial I'm thinking of, it's a cover of "Such Great Heights" which was also used in that uber-sincere, doe-eyed Zach Barff movie.

when Troy and I met Mani (th' Roses bassist) at Lipgloss last year, he looked about due for retirement... Egad! That a great idea for an ad... a bunch of old altrock artists talking about 401K and retirement accts.