And we all lose our charms in the end

I was avoiding talking about Anna Nicole Smith. Partly because frankly, up until her death I was darn sick of hearing about train wreck of a life. I feel sorry for her. Now, I feel for her little girl. Her mother did drugs, her 1/2 brother died because of drugs -- what chance does this little one have in the crazy environment she is in? She doesn't have a chance in hell of leading a normal life. I can already see the news stories that will follow her for the rest of her life. We'll see her when she goes to school and lord help her if she slips up at all in her life.

I also want to know the reasoning of "preserving her body" until the 20th and another court date. Unless they are wanting to perform a DNA test to make sure Anna Nicole is the mother of the baby, it shouldn't make a difference. Seems almost like a sick joke to have her sitting in a cooler somewhere for no reason. Also -- why won't Howard K Stern submit to the paternity test? Doesn't the baby deserve to at least know who her father is? It does make them all look like gold diggers for whatever money she may or may not inherit.

What I would like to see now -- or at least would make me laugh, is for several more semi-celebrities come out and claim paternity. How about Tom Arnold? He has had no face time in a while. Claiming he's the daddy gets him easily a week on Entertainment Tonight and probably a spot on Larry King. Andy Dick usually loves attention, he could be all over this. I would love to see Ellen claim paternity in her opening monologue at the Oscars.

Yeah, I am going to hell. But hey, if we're going to make it a circus, let's go all out.


Anonymous said...

Ok, Now think about this. Since Howard has been around people have died. Anna's son and now her. Hmmmmm weird don't you think. And yeah I feel extremely bad for that little girl. Most of those people only want the money and that's sad. A little baby has lost her mother. That baby deserves to be loved for her not how much money she might be getting in the future. Just my thoughts on this.

This and That said...

first off...ted and meredith I am not 'anonymous'. this whole story gets worse everyday. I have no real thoughts on it because I think the shame is on all in her innercircle who didn't see this was coming. Even those who interviewed her. She has been clearly on something (besides Trim Spa baby) for quite some time. The real amazing thing is that I still don't understand why aside from the guess jeans days, that she has remained a 'celebrity'. It is just proof that we all can't look away from a car accident....or in this case a train wreck! Lindsay Lohan is another. That girl has been visibly on drugs for years....and now is in a spa like rehab. She will soon be out and when her fame fades a little will be back in the headlines for something not talent related. (This queen of all this is Paris Hilton, who aside from a good blowjob hasn't done a real thing to deserve any of the fame she gets.

okay...I must stop.
Obviously, if they stalled a paternity test, there is a question of who the father is.

okay...now I stop!

merf said...

Definately the people who supposedly "care" about Anna Nicole are ready to line up and talk about her to everyone. Her mom? Nice. Wonder who paid for the trip to the Bahamas? Probably one of the tabloids looking for pictures of she and Stern coming to blows.

Most definately "celebrity" is about wanting to watch train wrecks. It does show how easy it is to manufacture as well. The weirdos who hung around Andy Warhol certainly every few years get their attention once again and most had no talent or really anything other than a chair in the "factory." Course I would also argue Warhol's talent too but that's a whole different story.