whiter than sour cream

Ok, seriously. January is our DRIEST winter month. Knock it off! I am so tired of waking up to seeing snow coming down on the patio. Really. It sucks. Enough already. I can't even imagine what March will bring if this is the start of this year.

Just in case there are people who don't know how crazy I would get when I actually got pregnant, let me recount the last couple trips to various stores with my mother. :) Kohl's was/is having a huge clear out the old-season sale. For myself -- 4 pairs of paints for 10 bucks. Amazing no? And of course the baby clothes were also very very cheap. My little bean now has a Halloween outfit, 2 first Christmas outfits, camo pants, some thermals. Yeah, we went nuts.

Yesterday -- Good Will had all their clothes for 99 cents and all baby clothes for 49 cents. Yes indeed. Another pile of cute outfits were acquired. And miracle and miracles -- Merf was able to leave without picking up any strange looking handmade-pottery bowls (an obsession of mine).

We are trying very hard not to use any sort of gender when talking about the bean. Hard to do. However, we did decide yesterday that should there be a question or if my bean ends up transgendered -- they could not luck into a better mommy. At least I hope so. I am educated en0ugh to let them tell me who they are and not try to cram them into something they are not. Hopefully bean will not need to experience such pain.

So now it's time to come up with something to do whilst cursing the snow and hoping it clears quickly.


This and That said...

funny, ted and I thought the same thing. but alas...I think from what we can tell so far, and there are clues very early (no matter what people say...it is genetic)I think we have 2 heteros. Although Owen did really get into some shite called 'High School Musical' lately, so there may be hope for him yet.
For baby clothes, cheap is best. They really need nothing but diapers and onesies for quite awhile. But like I said, we have tons of girl stuff..and toys. Want them? they are yours. Will you find out the sex. My hope for you having gone through it twice is to have a great support system once the baby comes. Those Hormones are a bitch. Let me know when the time is right and I can start putting stuff away for you.
I had an idea what sex it was with both right away....do you?

And yes, this weather sucks. Every weekend!!!

this and that said...

all going okay? I don't do myspace, haven't heard from you in awhile

merf said...

Yeah, I am ok. I sleep a ton right now!! It's frustrating because I don't get much done. But yes, hanging in there.

I have not gotten any gut feelings about the baby's gender. Or if I have, I have pushed them aside subconsciously. I am deinfately going to find out. I figure people are more apt to buy you presents in the beginning, so might as well have that out there (that and I am dying to do a nursery) plus I am the kid who cannot WAIT to know what my presents are so all those months would drive me nuts!! :)