she's having a baby

Yes indeed! It's a bean! Due September 11th of all days. Not the best timing I would picked, although we have been trying (I am 36 after all) but Tom is not working so I am nervous. Mostly excited however since I wasn't sure I would get the chance. :) So I am trying to concentrate on that part of it. Had this done today, could see the little heart beating like crazy and everything looks good so far.
So here we come world, ready or not. A little Merf to help kick some ass.


Ted said...


CONGRADULATIONS (to you and Tom both)!

You're gonna be a wonderful mom!

Ted said...

Or even "CongraTulations"

(stupid stupid stupid.)

merf said...

thank you :) I hope I am a wonderful mom. Watching your kids and you guys inspires me.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you

You are going to be a wonderful mother. I'm sure your parents are excited

This and That said...

wow....congratulations (I am better at spelling...and parallel parking.... than Ted). We have tons of stuff if it is a girl.

merf said...

I will let you know! How is Ivy doing with the teething?