everyone will want to look just like me

Really haven't meant to be completely scarce. Physically I am tired a lot of the time. It's much harder to sleep through the night and get myself to work by 6 am everyday. Oi. Leg cramps let me sleep about an hour at a time before I need to move and shift. Our bed is tiny so lucky Tom gets to be awake every time. It's a double bed which under normal circumstances is not bad -- however with an expanding wife who needs to move all the time, I imagine it feels more like a twin. I know it does to me.

However -- I am in the home stretch! Hard to fathom at this point. Yes the day to day has not seemed to go quickly at all -- but here we are. I start my two week visits now. Thursday I had the joy of drinking yummy glucose to test for diabetes. Not as bad as they psyched me up for it to be. Never my drink of choice of course and WAY more sugar than I have been taking in lately, but I managed. I have still kept my weight about the same. Weird. Although I have a little bump now. With my boobs that's not saying much. I think my friends are disappointed because they all wanted to see me pregnant and it's hard to tell.

I chopped all my hair off. I have little to no patience with any sort of "beauty-type" maintenance. I am damn lazy about it. Plus it doesn't make that big of a difference. I suppose I should care more but I don't and certainly not now. So my hair which was growing like mad was getting to be pretty long -- in the Meridith sense. Which is almost my shoulders. Add a little record heat and the fact I have to blow dry it or it curls in the weirdest spots and it equals me walking into the closest place the wield scissors and declare "shave me bald!" Ok, not bald. But very short. My mom will hate it. She always sorta signs when I give up looking more feminine. However I know myself. I am not putting effort into my hair NOW, never have...add a newborn and I am likely to look damn scary after a bit. This way, it will dry and look...short. I went sorta Keira Knightly in "Domino" short. Of course she's way hotter than me. :) Tom likes it a lot. All I need is the man I love to look at pics of me with shorter hair and say "wow, I really like your hair short" and I am off and running. Woo hoo!

I am finally having baby type dreams. Last night I changed a diaper. Although in my dream I had Jack and a little girl. I have also had dreams that they missed it in the ultrasound (or added it as it were) and I am actually having a girl. Wouldn't that be interesting?

I am also having to pack up the apartment for us to move out at the end of this month. Ugh. Let me tell you how daunting a task that is. My folks are heading out east and we will be living in their house. At least for the time being. The grander scheme is we will all be out in PA in the next year. Closer to my sister and brother. It's nice because we will be rent free in their house. Of course I have a ton of stuff. Painting supplies, my weirdo doll collection, Tom's 3 guitars and other musical gadgets. Yeah it's going to be a bitch. However I won't have 3 flights of apartment steps to walk.

Tomorrow we will be at Pride. At least for a bit. I have gone every year for the last 5 or 6. Mom is excited because she gets to come with again this year. It will be Tom's second time and my second time not on the prowl. Got to see my Dykes on Bikes. Yummy. Course it's another record breaker they are saying for tomorrow so I am only planning on a couple of hours after the parade. Prego in 98 degrees...now THAT is sexy.

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