baby got back

Holy cow I am now gaining weight. Ok, it's like 3 pounds but it's pretty amazing to finally see a baby belly that sticks out a little past my boobs. I am also experiencing swelling which is very very attractive. I am sure a lot of it is the heat but on the 4th I looked down after spending the afternoon with the folks and OH MAN! I had CANKLES!!

My legs have always been pretty decent. Shapely overall especially for someone as short as myself, with thin ankles. Yeah -- those are gone. Give me a couple hours on my feet and I no longer recognize this part of my body. Completely strange.

On a different note...July 4th has always been a mixed bag for me. Don't get me wrong, I really do love my country. The freedoms (those that haven't been reduced in the name of safety or such in post-9/11 times) we enjoy are something to appreciate. And here is where I start to have my problems. This country still has racism, sexism, we do not acknowledge that homosexuals are people who deserve basic human rights and freedoms. Our homeless population tends to be made up primarily of our veterans and the mentally ill and in the last few years, more and more families. There are thousands who do not have health insurance, a safe place to live or access to a decent education. So as I am watching tv and seeing fireworks and listening to the 1812 Overture it makes me happy and sad. I really wish the country celebrated its birthday, I wish the people here were all truly free.

Just to show that I am not a complete jerk and hater of all things U.S. here is a Merf is a sap moment. My sister flew in today for a week and Jack's baby shower. As we were waiting for her to come up the stairs after the train; I saw a young soldier in his desert cammies come up. His 2 kids ran up to him holding a sign 'Welcome Home Popi we missed you!" and jumped into his arms. His wife gave him a hug and kiss and started to cry. At this moment, I started to bawl. For all my cynicism, I am not heartless and I appreciate the sacrifice this man and his family made.

So there you go...I'm not all bad


vivavavoom said...

have a great baby shower. make sure someone treats you to a pedicure. I remember when I was at the end of my pregnancies I couldn't even see my feet when I looked down,my belly protuded so much. And I empathize....I had my son in mid-late august and my ankles would start out fine at 8am but by 11AM they looked like 2 elephant trunks. I had major water weight with that boy....watch your blood pressure.

vivavavoom said...

oops....protruded...not protuded. either way..it sucks

merf said...

It's been really strange because I hadn't had any problems really with swelling and all of a sudden...course it's been blazing hot and my little sister is in town, which means I have been eating out with the family and I am sure that's not helped with sodium intake either.

I did have some problems with blood pressure earlier with my stress level, lately though it's been ok, hopefully I can back into some good habits and not make the rest of the pregnancy too much more hellish