What a wonderful time of year

Happy Easter!

So now that I am not barfing all the time, I am starving constantly it seems. Every couple of hours like...hmm like an infant! With the laziness and Tom's overnight shift schedule, the grocery store is a virtual stranger. I hate the idea of hauling bags up 3 flights of stairs by myself. Oh for the day that we do not live on the 3rd floor of anywhere!

Got the results of the genetic screening and all looks good for the bean. They are not recommending an amnio or other testing which is a relief -- especially if you do any reading about the risks of having a baby after 35. I should really not ever research on the internet. I manage to find things to fret about. At least as far as the pregnancy is concerned. We have an ultra-sound on the 24th and should be able to find out if it's a girl bean or a boy bean. I have decided to start telling people who ask me what I am hoping for that I am hoping for a puppy. I understand the question, I really do, and honestly, we would love to have a girl. It seems like everyone around us has boys so to get some added estrogen in the environment would be lovely. However, like most people -- healthy is awesome and really all that matters.

I have become so lazy on the weekends! I have a really hard time sleeping and getting comfortable so I am up to all hours which kills during the week since I have to be at work at 6 am. So on the weekends, I tend to be a bump all day long. Course Tom is also sleeping since he gets home at 7 am and I try not to be too loud. I need to get my ass painting again. I love doing it and just have been neglecting it for sitting around on my bum. I was so excited to get past most of the morning sickness and have not taken advantage of it. Although last night we did go to a hockey game. One of the perks of working for the Pepsi Center is the chance for free tickets. So we got to sit 22 rows behind the goal in some really great seats and had a great time (even though they lost and ended their play-off chances) Ah well.

So another week starts tomorrow. Meh. That and I still have to do our taxes. See? Lazy.


This and That said...

that's one scary ass easter card you have on your blog! the "advanced maternal age" thing is such BS, BUT it does let you get extra tests done (ultrasounds, etc) that should be offered for all moms regardless of age. I didn't have an amnio because the ultrasound showed no markings to do so. But the girl never turned so the vaginal delivery was not an option with her. let us know what the ultrasound says. Need a crib mattress? I will be having a big ass garage sale soon...and if you have a girl... I have a lot!! keep blogging and careful with the stairs. I was such a clutz with both pregnancies...falling up and down stairs, tripping, etc...

merf said...

I actually did fall twice very early in the pregnancy. Our stairs face north which means they get covered with snow and ice everytime it happens. Of course since I leave the house before darn, nothing is ever done. So...I walk like an old lady down the stairs.

This and That said...

have the hubby shovel them when he gets home. too scary to think you may fall down steps pregnant.