Houston, we have a

Boy! The Broziks are having a wee lad. Went to the doctor this afternoon and had the ultrasound.

We then went and bought him his first wee kilt, to match his daddy's. I am completely exhausted between nervous excitement and the shittiest weather to drive in. I am ready for a nap!


This and That said...

congratulations!!!! but shoot...I have SO many girls clothes...oh well. when are you due?

merf said...

My due date is September 11th. I've made it 1/2 way

caffeinator_x said...


I cannot believe you're half way already.

Are potential names all top-secret like? If not, you should have a poll on your blog.

I was so sure you were having a girl. Don't ask me why.

Shows what I know.

Hey - "Dave Herrera"... mean anything to you...?

merf said...

We had been hoping for a girl. There are already 2 grandsons in the family so it would have been nice to mix it up.

We are actually past potential names -- heck I've been ready for mommyness forever. :) His name is Jack Martin. Jack is for Tom's grandfather. Plus it's simple and I like it. I had actually posted a list of weirdo potential's on my myspace blog. Funny what some people will think is sincere.

Dave Herrera? Hmm not as such but I tend to be better at faces than names, unless they were close. Should it mean something?

This and That said...

I actually thought you were having a boy...won that bet Caff X. Jack is a cool name. It is the name of our sons best friend. coolest kid!
our son was born in mid-late august and the last month is brutal in the heat. hang in there.

caffeinator_x said...

I went for a bike ride on Sat and stopped into this hipster bar - HiDive - when it started raining. I bumped into this guy Jim Narcy, from Kate's class, who is a photographer for the Westword now. He introduced me to the music editor, Dave, who said "Hey, you used to hang out w/ Meridith!"

He's also a Norseman, apparently.

D.R. (remember him?) and a bunch of other old skater kids where there as well - weird, huh?

merf said...

I have been to the HiDive. Not for a long time...I remember Jim Narcy -- well I remember Kate talking about him. I think he was starting photography then. DR...geez, again, faces I might remember. It's been almost 20 years since high school for me (ugh!! 20???) Now I feel really old.

If he mentioned me by name I feel bad. I'll have to dig out yearbooks now.

caffeinator_x said...

Don't feel bad... i remember EVERYONE - and this guy drew a total blank from me. Yeah, Jim's done photography "since then" - cool to see somebody that I genuinely liked successful in the stuff he set out to do.

I have a love-hate thing w/ Hi Dive, but anymore it's the closest thing I have to "my" bar...

After you have the baby and hubby all recover a little we can all go, and then to Lipgloss after.

After all, I'm sure your mom is counting down the minutes to when she can baby-sit.

vivavavoom said...

just fyi...thisandthat got deleted by accident in a fit of bad PMS! the new/old blog is with this link. hope it works