Dumbledore's Army

Yes when it comes to Harry Potter, I am a fantastic nerd. Mom and I will be standing in line at the midnight sale at Border's on Friday. We have done it for every book. This will be a little harder since I have a pirate who loves to kick the crap out of me at night. That and I will be awake longer than I normally am. Well awake and standing.

The biggest challenge will be not getting home and reading the book straight through until I am done. I usually finish the next day. However we are moving out of our apartment on Sunday and I will be finishing packing and freaking out on Saturday. Ugh. However, I will no longer have to walk 3 flights of stairs every darn day. That I am super excited about. Then I just have to get through work and the next few weeks.

I have seen the newest movie twice. I dig the movies, but for completely selfish reasons, I am always bummed that they cannot include everything. Course Order of the Phoenix is 800 pages, so something has to go or the movie would be a year long. Which I would still watch in all honesty. Me and about 4 other people probably.

Tom and I joke all the time that Jack will probably end up hating Pirates, Harry Potter and pretty much everything we love because we get so nerdy about everything. He has heard 2 Potter books in utero because we read them out loud to each other. Yep. Nerds.


caffeinator_x said...

Four was my favorite of the books. I never got around to reading 6 - I was a little burned out after 5, like I couldn't imagine two more whole books to get to the "big reveal" (Harry's connection is to Voldemort, etc).

(that just a personal problem, of course. I'm the guy who can RARELY finish a novel w/out looking at the last few pages first... wonder what the sez about me...)

Now, with all the rumblings among the people who have finished the "last one" it's taking everything I've got to not consult the internets to find out what happens!

Time to get to the library!!

vivavavoom said...

at least you start novels CaffX!