Deathly Hallows

Yep, finished it. I was done at about 5:30 pm on Saturday. Little later than I usually tear through those books, but after we picked it up at midnight I could only read for a couple of hours before my eyes started to cross and I couldn't discern if the language I was reading was actually English or not, so I had to admit defeat.

I slept a few hours and then read the rest. It's AMAZING! I loved it. Once the move is completely done and the apartment just a 3-floor memory, I will read it again. It's possibly my favorite in the series, which is a really tough call. It's also a bummer for me to think there will not be other books. However, I think she did an excellent job and treated the whole thing in the best way in my opinion. My mom is now done -- course she completely cheated and read the end. It was maddening because she did it in front of us. We were all sitting around the kitchen table getting started at 12:20 and she kept making noises of exclamation. I finally had to threaten physical violence.

Tom is not done yet, neither is my dad which is sorta maddening because it takes a lot of effort not to let anything slip when they talk about theories and where they are in the book. For the last book that came out I had to give my dad an ultimatum --finish in 3 days or I am blowing the ending. Course I didn't but dang it's hard!

In other news, I quit my job yesterday. Wasn't my plan, but sometimes things happen that make you realize it's time to go.

I was "getting feedback" from my manager yesterday morning. We get semi-annual reviews. Well, we do now, it used to just be annual but hey, whatever. I got raves, except "Meridith seems to have lost focus lately" Really? I wonder why that would be. Not that I haven't been doing my job just fine lately, but I seem scattered.

That wasn't the trigger. The subject of my pregnancy came up. Since there is the possibility of a c-section, this makes a difference in my leave. Or it could. Now, I am also currently covered under the FMLA act. I have so many hours I can use for doc's appointments, feeling like crud or anything related to my pregnancy. It's federal law and it protects my job. So my manager tells me she is "going to try to win Marci (my general manager, her boss) back over to my side" I ask what this means since I was not aware she wasn't "on my side"

Well she mentioned that you are "just another pregnant lady who calls in throughout her pregnancy." I'm sorry...WHAT? Um...ok. This is time I am legally entitled to and frankly, if it's a huge problem, why I am hearing about it now? I was also just plain surprised she actually said this out loud to me. Pretty unprofessional to repeat it to me as well if it was actually said.

What else comes out of this meeting? One of the other coaches says he should get my shift because he's always here and he deserves it. Again -- why is this being repeated to me? Now, normally I don't care about what sort of gossip is said about me. I am one of the top performing coaches EVERY time. Every time, not once in awhile, every time. My team's stats (which is the only thing call centers every care about) are always good. For the first 3 quarters were the top team. So it's maddening to hear that there is some question NOW.

So I left her office shortly after that went to my break. Being a rational pregnant lady -- I started to cry. There are not many things that I detest doing. Crying anywhere public, is one of them. How was supposed to feel ok about using leave until I go into labor? Yeah I decided now was the time. Obviously it was an issue, even if they wouldn't address it with me directly. I have gone through enough stress. Screw it. I quit.

I'm a little worried/nervous. It's been a long time since I have not worked. When I was a stay at home wife with my first husband, I quickly became a slave in some aspects. I had to beg for money for ANYTHING. When I had to ask if I could please have some money for tampons, I knew it was ridiculous. So...yeah part of me worries.

However, for now I am going to concentrate on enjoying the last bit of my pregnancy with no one yelling at me over their TV. Yee haw!!

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vivavavoom said...

well....I say a big congrats....even though I know you may be freakin about the whole thing, that environment sounded so toxic!!!now try and relax and let Tom step up and you relax. sleep as much as you can right now and relish the last weeks of the pregnancy.