Boy oh Boy

Went to the doctor again today. Going every 2 weeks is pretty strange. Every 4 weeks seemed like it was pretty far away -- now it feels like as soon as I leave, I am going back.

So my little boy apparently likes having his head up. Today the doctor brought up the possibility that I may need to have a c-section. She told me at the next appointment, I will have an ultrasound and we can decide if we can get him to move "by pushing the heck out of your stomach." Of course it's harder now because he's a lot bigger so there isn't a ton of wiggle room for him now. However he does move quite a bit so there is a chance he will decide to point his little head down.

It's strange, I never really considered that I would be having a c-section. I have been debating wanting an epidural or other pain meds, never really thought about not needing to make the choice. Interesting.

However it's not set in stone yet. We shall see what happens. I suppose on the positive side, I can probably miss the 9/11 date if we have come to that. So I will wait and see what my little pirate decides to do.


caffeinator_x said...

Hurray for new entries!!

Ivy K. wanted to stay heads up, too, which meant Michelle got a C-section. There's a lot to be said for it... no funny scrunched up face because of being pushed thru the birth canal. Plus, there was the added bonus of seeing my wife's uterus outside of her stomach, laying on a platter... true story!

it went by a lot faster than with Owen, but really, it was no less beautiful.

--So speaketh the person in the room w/ no Va Jay Jay. Maybe someone else can give you some better advice!

Glad to hear you're well!

merf said...

Va Jay Jay...too funny. You call it the same thing as Oprah. I did think about the fact that we could miss the 9/11 due date. Who wants that as a birthday? I am not sure Tom will want to see any part of me outside my body on a platter! I sure don't!

I'll have to hit up Michelle for info on the recovery. Was Owen a c-section too? I think some of it is ego in all honesty. That and I just never really thought about it as an option. We shall see. I still have a few weeks so maybe the little bugger will decide to move. We shall see.

vivavavoom said...

well....since I am the one with the va-jay-jay and having had a vaginal birth with owen and a csection with Ivy I can say there are pros and cons to both. Ivy was breech the whole pregnancy and so I wasn't into an eversion (where they try and move the baby head down). since she was NEVER head down, I felt like there may have been a reason...umbilical cord around neck, etc....so didn't want to risk it.(of course there was no reason they could find when she was pulled from me....just stubborn I guess.) Eversions do hurt and there is a risk of going into labor so they generally don't want to do them til you are farther along but it also makes it more difficult and painful because there isn't a lot of room. Between the 2 options, I liked the vaginal birth process better. You got all the pain during and not a lot after. With the c-section, the pain and healing is after the delivery. But either way, I can honestly tell you that you will forget it all once you see him. I remember during owen's birth (vaginal)looking at ted and telling him to remind me to never do this again. (obviously, we did it again).

And, yes, your uterus is basically taken out and then put back in with a csection but you don't feel anything, just a light tugging and then they lift up the baby....kind of surreal. Glad I didn't see it like ted did. And the whole 'csection/birthing' process seriously took 5 minutes!! crazy.

If you didn;t have the baby in a breech position and were just choosing which way to have the baby, I would say go the va-jay-jay way, but with the baby in a awkward position,...trust your gut (no pun intended). Either way it is still birth, and you are still a mom.

I have never known anybody whose baby arrived exactly on the due date, so don't worry about the 9/11 date. After we agreed to go with the csection for Ivy, they called us to give us the date since they had to check the hospital/doctor availability. Apparently, so many women have planned csections for convenience sake that the thurs and fridays were all taken (!), and I did not want the 19th (Hitler's bday and Columbine) so we got a monday and the 18th. And a healthy baby girl ;)

merf said...

Thanks for the info. Do you have a generic email address? I feel bad to talk about all this on the blog. Although if you don't mind -- I don't either. Everson...is that what it's called? What does it entail exactly? My doc did not go into detail and I would like to read about it since she said it would be up to me.

I appreciate your answering so much!

vivavavoom said...

just sent you an email...ask anything.