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Well Jack is now almost 2 weeks old. Crazy and impossible to believe!! It's been a rough 2 weeks. Turns out he was really jaundiced. Apparently his blood type and my blood type did not agree (ABO incompatibility, which I had never heard of) so my blood started killing off his red blood cells. Nice. So I spent until this past Friday having to take my brand new baby to the hospital every day to have blood drawn.

Now, I admit I am a complete freak. I know I am eye-deep in post partum crap but let me tell you how awful it is to have to see your son's heels COVERED with the little cuts left by the spring loaded blood getter. Ugh. I cried every time we went. However his levels were very high and they were talking transfusion, so it's not like I wasn't going to do what they told me.

This is in addition to the phototherapy blanket he had to be on 24 hours a day. It's like a big easy bake spatula of light that had to touch his skin at all times. Nicely, the designers of said "blanket" made the Gieger-inpsired umbilical cord that attaches to said device only about 18 inches long, so cuddling was hard, couldn't leave the room without mucho effort. So along with the frustration and worry, is isolation. No way was I not going to be sitting with my little pirate!! So we spent many hours sitting in our room alone.

However, now it looks like I can finally play new mommy for real and give him his first bath and carry him out to the living room to see his family. (my mother in law is staying with us for 2 weeks...that's a whole different entry) And practice changing diapers (which he hates) and nursing (which I think he would do all day if I let him)

So just wanted to pass along a quick update while I had a few minutes to do so. Hopefully I will be able to post pictures soon and maybe even (GASP!) take a nap :)


vivavavoom said...

very important tip #1: nap when the baby naps!! you need it and your kids are only as healthy as you are so take care of yourself! congrats on everything. keep us posted.

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